Preventative dentistry for dental savings

Preventative dentistryPreventative dentistry is one of the best, most affordable ways to save money at the dental office. In many cases, the development of more serious dental problems such as root canal trouble, just to name one as an example, can be avoided by regular flossing and cleanings. These daily dental habits not only help to promote good dental hygiene but also deter more costly dental problems that can develop either quickly or over some time. A routine dental visit and cleaning is also very instrumental and imperative in heading off potential dental problems before they happen. The cost of a dental cleaning without insurance may cost you about $100, depending on where you live, but to get a root canal and crown could cost you thousands, and that doesn’t even consider the dental pain and suffering you may have to endure with a dental problem before getting to the dentist. Root canals and dental crowns (or dental caps) are usually still costly even with dental insurance. Many dental insurance policies will only cover 50% of major dental work, leaving you still with a pretty large dental bill.

Also, to be noted, many dental insurances have annual maximum limits/caps of $1000 to $1500. If you need extensive dental work, you may find yourself out of insurance before the problems are resolved. In this event, a discounted dental plan may be good choice while you are waiting for the new year to start. You can still finish your dental work, but at a discounted rate. It may not be the same savings as your insurance, but depending on the dental plan, it may be more cost effective for you overall. A good, affordable one is AmeriPlan.

We are not trained dental professionals to offer dental advice. Please consult your dentist with any questions or concerns about preventative dentistry.

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