Root Canal and Tooth Pain

root canal

Think you might need a root canal?

On occasion, the cause of a bad toothache can be caused by a severely decayed tooth. If the toothache is causing severe pain, that could be because you have a tooth that is either dying or already dead, possibly becoming infected or the tooth pulp becoming damaged. If this is your case, an extraction of the tooth or removing the nerve can alleviate that tooth pain. When you remove the nerve and pulp, it is to save the tooth and is commonly known as a root canal. If the tooth is unable to be saved, it would be extracted/removed, if that is your dentist’s recommendation.

A root canal is very common in dentistry, as it is a good way to save a troubled tooth. Some people turn to just having the problem tooth extracted. Extraction does cost substantially less, but at the cost of losing the tooth. For those who opt to have the root canal and save the tooth, the root canal dental procedure can take a considerable amount of time, hours. It can take even longer, if there is abscess as the endodontist specialist will need to remove the dying pulp from the tooth. The procedure is estimated to cost from $800 to $1,000, depending on where you live. This usually does not include the cost of a dental crown or cap for the tooth after the procedure. A dental discount card can help you to reduce the cost of a root canal, as well as reduce the cost of an extraction, if one would choose that option.

Even though a root canal is something that most people fear, it can save your teeth. The dental patient is numb during the procedure so they don’t feel any pain, other than the challenge their finances may feel in paying for the procedure. Your dentist will assist you in deciding which option is best for your particular needs, whether it be a root canal or extraction of the tooth.

We are not trained dental professionals to offer dental advice. Please consult your dentist with any questions or concerns.

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