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Types of toothbrushes

Your teeth are the first that people observe whenever you smile. If you want to impress people with your charming looks, then you need to have sparling white and perfect teeth. There are many options available for you to get

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Dental Veneers and Dental Bonding Differences

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Most people get confused between getting dental veneers or bonding for aesthetic restoration of their crooked, stained or misshaped teeth. This decision might become quite easier if you have sufficient knowledge regarding both these restorative options. Dental Veneers and Dental

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Gum Disease

gum disease

What is Gum Disease? As the name suggests it is a disease of the gums. It can have various levels of severity, from simple swelling of gums, tenderness, soreness, bleeding and laceration, loss of gum bone and loss of teeth.

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Forensic Dentistry and Crime

forensic dentistry

If you think that our teeth are only used in chewing food and improving our smile, then you are wrong. Teeth can also be used in catching criminals and outlaws. Each human being has a unique arrangement, alignment and size

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Types of Toothbrushes

Types of toothbrushes

Learn about the types of toothbrushes[/caption]Imagine how you would clean your teeth if the toothbrush had not been discovered? A toothbrush is an essential tool for having perfectly white, clean teeth and for enjoying a fresh breath. What Functions does

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Toothpaste Guide

Good oral hygiene demands you brush your beautiful teeth twice a day to keep them healthy and shining. Why do you use the toothpaste while brushing? What does it contain, and how does it help you? We will discuss these

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Tooth Whitening

teeth whitening

How do you feel when you come across a person having pale or yellow teeth? Don’t you feel a little put off? Teeth are an aesthetic asset of a person apart from being essential for eating, and speaking. Discoloration of

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Orthodontic Treatment

dental coupons

One of the most common reasons for facial deformities is the improper alignment occlusion of the teeth as well as the positioning of the upper and lower jaws. Orthodontic treatment is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction

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Dental Coupons – Oral B toothbrush coupon

dental coupons

Looking to save money on your dental care needs on a regular basis, not just by going to the dentist? Long after visiting your dental provider, on a daily basis, be able to maintain your brilliant smile by saving money

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April is Oral Cancer Month

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Have you had your dental or oral check ups recently? (

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