About AmeriPlan® Dental Plus

This popular discounted dental plan program gives you and your household immediate discount savings on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic services.
As there are no waiting periods, you can see a provider quickly.
Your ongoing problems are NOT a problem with AmeriPlan® Dental Plus!
Other non-medical discounts, like at Office Depot, are also included at no extra charge. Need copies for your child's school or business? They are super affordable through this extra added discount.
At only $24.95 for an entire household per month, it's very affordable.

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About AmeriPlan® Med Plus

With the AmeriPlan® Med Plus discount program, gain access to the hospital advocacy program, where an advocate will negotiate the best discounted rates on your hospital bill and work out a payment plan. Negotiating past bills is an option too! Also included are diagnostic imaging and radiology that provides discounts of up to 70% on all imaging and radiographic services such as MRI's and Cat-Scans, as well as tele-medicine (Call or email a physician, without long waits at a doctor’s office).

Get both AmeriPlan® Dental Plus and AmeriPlan® Med Plus for only $15.00 more per month for the household, making your monthly for all discount savings only $39.95 a month.

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Can I use my dentist/doctor?

Before choosing AmeriPlan®, you should definitely take a good look at the tens of thousands of medical practitioners and more than 75,000 dentists and 12,000 vision care providers, about 50,000 pharmacies and over 7,500 credentialed chiropractors.

You can quickly check to find out if your current provider is an AmeriPlan® provider by visting below:

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